BuyVM announces Europe, Anycast IP's, Floating IP's, & Bandwidth pooling!


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Hello everyone :)

Many of you have been curious about what we've been up to and I'm glad we're in a comfortable enough place in development to finally announce it :)

Note: There's upwards of a month of lead up time on features. We're announcing early so people can get inventory they may want to use these features!

Luxembourg! I choose you!

We're happy to announce that in the coming week or so, that our European deployment hardware will be installed in Luxembourg! We wanted something different than the usual Netherlands locations and were impressed with Luxembourg's strong privacy laws, & great connectivity to all neighboring countries. All of our services will be supported, including all BuyVM VPS plans, BuyShared shared hosting plans, & miscellaneous features. DDoS filtering will also be available at our standard 20gbit of protection at $3.00/month per IP address.

All plan prices will remain the same! We are not increasing costs or changing currencies just because it's crossing the pond.

Floating IP addresses & High availability options

A feature we discussed many moons ago is finally being integrated. This feature will allow for customers to mark certain IP addresses belonging to one VPS, to be usable on another VPS they own within the same location. This includes standard IPv4, & IPv6 addresses, as well as your Internal IP address.

This feature will work across virtualizations, meaning you can move IP addresses between OpenVZ & KVM without issue. Due to how this feature is being deployed, you'll be able to use a high availability suite of your choosing (heartbeat for instance) to move the IP address between any VPS services located within a single datacenter.

Anycast IP addresses

To accompany our floating IP addresses, we're rolling out free anycast IP addresses. This feature will allow customers to have a single IP address be available over all of our locations. Coupled with BGP, this means customers will be able to roll out personalized CDN delivery services, DalNET like 'IX' services, faster nameserver services, just to name a few.

As mentioned, all anycast IP addresses will be completely free assuming you have services in all 3 of our locations. We don't have a limit in mind of how many IP's we'll allow a single person to request, but we'll try to be fair :) 20gbit of DDOS protection (in total) will be available for $5/month per anycast IP address.

Note: you must have services in all 3 of our locations otherwise you'll suffer deadzones. We are not providing 'back haul' to other locations.

Bandwidth pooling

To make launching your own CDN cluster sweeter, bandwidth pooling will be an account wide, customer settable, option within Stallion. This option will allow you to 'pool' all of your services together to share the same bandwidth pool. As an example:

- 2 x LV OpenVZ 256MB (1000 GB EACH - used in a master/slave setup with a floating anycast IP)

- 2 x NJ OpenVZ 256MB (1000 GB EACH - used in a master/slave setup with a floating anycast IP)

- 2 x LU OpenVZ 256MB (1000 GB EACH - used in a master/slave setup with a floating anycast IP)

You'd have 6000GB available to spend however you want.

We're also working on integrating the ability for users to buy one-off bandwidth top ups (1TB at a time) that will carry over until it's done. This should be a little easier on peoples wallets when they go over a small amount each month.

In closing, we're extremely excited to get this all rolled out :) I've been busy coding all of this together and expect to have a public beta within a few weeks of LU being online.

I'd like to personally thank everyone for their interest & support as always!

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Sounds terrific, how long until the beta?

I was thinking of getting a small vps and was looking at the different locations. Definitely Interested in the LU location. Guess I'll wait. :)


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Sounds terrific, how long until the beta?

I was thinking of getting a small vps and was looking at the different locations. Definitely Interested in the LU location. Guess I'll wait. :)
Well, i'm just getting my mind back in the coding gear before I get going again ;) I got a lot of the UI work done a few weeks ago before I had to put all that on hold to finish the LV upgrades hardware order.

I was pretty 'meh' about going into NL and Germany didn't interest me much. France is whatever. Luxembourg is smack dab between them all so it's good connectivity all around :)



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Alright, so this isn't just your normal location expansion. :)

You are going to need more horse power Fran. :)  More servers.  

I start investing in your fun Anycast and yeah, going to need more resources.  You just had to go do something useful like this.  I don't have spare time though buddy.

Count me in, I am buying some.  Anycast has my interest.


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Yeah!!!!  The anycast is the most exciting thing that's happened in budget VPS for a while.  I was just in a discussion about it with one of the Low End Spirit guys, about fronting a bunch of LES with a shared OVH or maybe Cloudflare infrastructure CDN to reverse proxy the LES containers.  But it's just fantastic that a budget VPS host is doing it directly.

Luxembourg itself--congrats I guess, but what I really would like to see from you now is more US locations, particularly west coast, since that's where my users are and I'd like to run HA services near them.

There's just so many times when someone needs to put up a low traffic, low complexity (but not static) website, that could easily be done with some simple PHP script on a 128MB VPS, except that very little downtime is tolerable and cheap VPS are just not reliable enough, so they pay through the nose for something like Heroku which is at best just a little bit better, costs a relative bundle and adds its own limitations and bureaucracy.  This approach of eliminating all SPOF allows doing it the right way, with redundancy.

The product I'd like to see next is a fully managed reverse proxy with an API, so the person buys one at each of your locations, points an anycast IP at them, then points the other end of the proxies to their own backend servers (maybe on buyvm, maybe not) and then runs the backend servers themselves.  The idea here is that the reverse proxy is completely controlled by you and is under your monitoring and alert system and your ops can kick it if something goes wrong at 3am.  Meanwhile, the backend servers are unmanaged but if something goes wrong with one, it goes off the air and the proxy stops sending it stuff.  This gets rid of a lot of the impetus for small organizations to use obnoxious hosted services just to avoid the operations burden.  The user's monitoring of their own services can then automatically adjust their proxy through its API if it detects a problem or wants to rearrange things.

This is so frigging great I could just melt.
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