1. H

    BuyVM(Review) awful experience

    This started all because I requested a refund and I explained why I was wanting one. I'm going to preface this by saying 1. I am well-aware that on sites like VPSboard, BuyVM is quite popular and what not so I don't expect impartial responses and I expect some negative responses but I am...
  2. Francisco

    BuyVM launches new website!

    Hello everyone! It has taken us 5 years, but we finally have a new website that doesn't make us look like a early 2000's IRC shell company! I'd like to thank everyone that helped with feedback on our IRC channel and on these forums :) It has been a huge task given how much...
  3. drmike

    BuyShared finally launches website. You can now buy shared hosting from BuyVM!

    I posted elsewhere on a necro'd thread. BuyVM has finally launched a website for their BuyShared brand.   They offer shared cPanel hosting and cPanel reseller hosting via BuyShared. Prior to tonight, only way to find and purchase from BuyShared was via random forum posts directly to cart. New...
  4. Francisco

    BuyVM upgrades DDOS protection to over 100gbit+ with Voxility for free!

    Hi everyone! We've got some great news for folks making use of our DDoS-Protected IPs. In light of the increasing complexity and size of average DDoS attacks, we've decided to respond by bringing in Voxility to handle these increasing challenges. Why Voxility? In addition to the significant...
  5. MannDude

    A visual comparison of provider's and their custom control panels. Lots of screenshots!

    This thread will be a work in progress. First let me say: WARNING! Lots of images below! I wanted to show off some of the custom panels that a few providers that frequent vpsBoard have created. I'm a customer of each provider and have taken the time to go through and take a lot of screenshots...
  6. Francisco

    BuyVM announces Europe, Anycast IP's, Floating IP's, & Bandwidth pooling!

    Hello everyone :) Many of you have been curious about what we've been up to and I'm glad we're in a comfortable enough place in development to finally announce it :) Note: There's upwards of a month of lead up time on features. We're announcing early so people can get inventory they may want...
  7. Francisco

    BuyVM announces free CPU upgades on all 256MB+ OVZ's in Las Vegas

    Hello Everyone! Along with a slew of other freebies coming down the pipe, I just wanted to announce that starting next week we'll be upgrading all 256MB+ plans in Las Vegas to E5 2630L's as well as upgrading the SSD caching we use on all 128MB plans. This upgrade is one of many freebies on...
  8. Aldryic C'boas

    ZERG RUSH ㅋㅋㅋ (BuyVM Network Upgrades)

    Hi folks! We have a few exciting announcements about the recent work we've been doing on the network!  Between upgrades to the physical hardware in Vegas, the DDoS Filtering in both locations, and an added bonus on transit, we're sure folks will be happy with the improvements. CNSERVERS...
  9. Francisco

    BuyVM.NET / BuyShared.NET - Shared - $5/year | Resellers - $2.00/month! Dedicated IPv4! SSD RAID!

    BuyVM Services is pleased to announce the Las Vegas launch of our new BuyShared cPanel-based Shared Webhosting plans. With three plans for personal use, and three plans designed for resellers and large-resource users, BuyVM brings our extensive knowledge, dedication, and professional integrity...
  10. raindog308

    Where's my swap? (A "how does vSwap work" question)

    On a RamNode OvZ: # free -m              total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached Mem:           512        374        137          0          0        350 -/+ buffers/cache:         23        488 Swap:          512          1        510 # swapon -s Filename              ...
  11. Francisco

    BuyVM announces free backups for all 256MB+ OpenVZ plans!

    Hello everyone! While I know we discussed charging for backups (10% - 15%), we've decided to include free nightly backups for all 256MB+ OpenVZ plans. We will be installing the nodes sometime next month and should have the upgrades to stallion in beta within the next week or two. Fear not...
  12. drmike

    BuyVM ColoCrossing Bye Bye Hello Choopa Move Today!

    In case you pay less attention to email than I do or just woke up from a two month coma... BuyVM is offline in Buffalo, New York.   Fran and crew should be getting setup in New Jersey at Choopa / Reliablesite / whatever else they call themselves.   ETA for being back online is 8PM Eastern.  ...
  13. Aldryic C'boas

    I can't believe we weren't deported.

    I finally had a chance to sit down and put together some of the better (read: more amusing) pictures from our cruise.  Out of the ~600 or so between all of us, I picked these to help tell a short story of how things went, and to share our antics. Airport security is a bit... mortified at how we...
  14. Aldryic C'boas

    BuyVM - Leaving Buffalo Early

    Some of you may have heard already, but BuyVM will be leaving the ColoCrossing rackspace in Buffalo, NY no later than 06 December, 2013.  Before I go any further into detail:   Why are you posting this here before notifying your clients?  - Because we haven't finalized our plans on when we'll...
  15. Francisco

    BuyVM announces East Coast DDoS filtering!

    Hello everyone, We're happy to announce that DDoS protected IP addresses are now available on the east coast! How much do they cost? These IP's cost $4.00/IP/month. Is there a limit to how many I can buy? Nope, have at it. Can I GRE these to another location? Whatever you can do in Vegas...
  16. raindog308

    I'm being STOLEN FROM! (not really - what is reasonable kvm steal %)

    Running top on a kvm vps, there is a statistic called "st %" which I read is the time "stolen" from my VPS.  Or more precisely, "waits for a real CPU while the hypervisor is servicing another virtual processor".   So does that mean, "your VPS was assigned 2 virtual processors (in my kvm's...
  17. Francisco

    BuyVM announces free SSD upgrades on all 256MB+ OpenVZ plans!

    Hello everyone! I'm pleased to announce that all OpenVZ plans with 256MB+ RAM will be allowed to upgrade to pure SSD backed space sometime in the coming weeks. You'll have to sacrifice half of your space, though We will be honoring all space purchased w/o issue. All new 256MB+ plans starting...
  18. Magiobiwan

    BuyVM ToS Changes

    Just saw the email.