[Dedi or VPS] 500GB Storage & 8TB Bandwidth (US)


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I'm currently paying Softlayer for 1 server in San Jose and another 1 in Singapore with below specs.

I was hoping to at least be able to find better priced alternative in US.

Usage: Legit software distribution and downloadable content

Softlayer (current)

HDD: 500GB

Bandwidth: 20TB

CPU: 3.5GHz Xeon E3


OS: Ubuntu

Price: $143


HDD: 500GB

Bandwidth: Unlimited 100MBps or [email protected]

CPU: Minimum dual core

RAM: Minimum 2GB

OS: Ubuntu

Price: Less than $143

KVM or IPMI is a must, unless they have really great 24/7 support.


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That looks simple enough.

- Intel Xeon E3-1230v3 3.3 GHz 8MB CACHE
- 16 GB DDR-3 1600MHZ MEMORY
- 1 TB SATA $10.00 USD
- Location: Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Miami
- Bandwidth: 20TB
- Uplink: 1Gbps
- DDOS Protection: 1 Gbps / 500k PPS
- IPv4 Space: /29 ( 5 Usable IP's )

All of our servers come with KVM/IPMI and 24/7 support.  Ubuntu can be selected on the order form and is also included in our automated OS reinstallation feature.

We also have a new line of virtual dedicated servers which are the first two options on this page.  It's fully dedicated resources, basically 1/4 of a dedicated server.  The only requirement not met by this option is your bandwidth requirement, but that looks fairly open ended, so I figured I'd mention it given the tremendous savings.  KVM is available on these units and is fully integrated into our control panel.


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I can offer you (inquire for stock availability):

- Intel Xeon E3 1230 v2/v3

- 16GB 1333Mhz DDR3 ECC RAM

- 2x1TB SW RAID1

- 20TB BW @ 1Gbps

- /29 IPv4 (up to /27 free)

- Los Angeles (Psychz)



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We can offer the following in Los Angeles or Dallas:




10TB @ 1gbit port


/29 IPv4

/64 IPv6



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If you want just a simple storage server, then these all fit the bill for a LOT less money. All of them have dedicated IPMI/KVM:

Dual X5150, 16GB RAM, 500GB disk, 1 IPv4, /64 IPv6, 5TB Gigabit, dedicated ILO/KVM - $20/month

Dual L5420, 16GB RAM, 1TB disk, /29 IPv4, /64 IPv6, 10TB Gigabit, dedicated ILO/KVM - $39/month

Dual L5520, 24GB RAM, 1TB disk, /29 IPv4, /64 IPv6, 25TB Gigabit, dedicated ILO/KVM - $49/month

All of them include Interworx-10, Blesta, Virtualizor-3. You can reinstall the server from the provisioning panel, obviously no charge.

Add a second disk for free hardware RAID.

Prices based on quarterly payment, discounts are recurring.


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Late to the party, but...


2x1TB HDDs (SW RAID 1 if you like)


10TB @ 1Gbps

/29 IPv4

/64 IPv6

Roseburg, OR DC


Any of this can be customized to whatever you like.
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This plan is suitable for you.


- Dedicated XEN 12 vCPU Core
- 16 GB DDR3 ECC Dedicated RAM
- 360 GB Pure SSD Raid-10 Arrays
- Location: Seattle
- Bandwidth: 7TB
- Uplink: 1Gbps
- IPv4 Space: 1 Free Dedicated IP

- 100% Dedicated Environment By XEN Virtualization

Managed Cloud VPS Hosting Technical Specifications


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