How visitors can trust on your hosting business?


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> 1. Why new visitor will trust on your company?
Its not about just "getting trust" so that people purchase stuff.
Provide a solid service,preferably something unique and if you keep doing good work, customers will find you ;)

If you just provide the same thing everyone tries to do, chances are you are going to be unhappy and eventually quit.
(if you get there, drop me a mail, i'm happy to take some of that burden off your hands)

2. How can you increase trust, what you need to do?
See #1 you are focused too much the model

get trust=> sell products

instead focus on

provide a unique/niece service at good quality => help people find you


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I think that worth to be honest with clients and do not oversell.
Doing your best every day will help to gather good results.


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I think you should try small companies if you have a small/ medium size website so save your web hosting cost on unlimited plans.
sometimes big companies are costly to you because they pay heavy affiliate commission upto $100 per signup.

It's better to choose a small host in this case and you will also get personal attention when support is needed.