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Hi I'm Vincent I just signed up for VPSboard. Got to know about his forum from LET/WHT forums. I'm currently working on a project NIXStats for website and server monitoring. (screenshots: 1, 2, 3)

Besides my new project I've some other internal projects mostly backends for ipad/iphone apps, and using lot's of virtual as well as dedicated servers.
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Howdy folks!

Appears to be a good collection of people here - and so we figured we'd stand awkwardly in a corner and watch as you party.

Honestly though - looks like a good community, nice to be here!


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Hey to all the newcomers, welcome to vpsBoard! Happy to have you here.

See ya around the forums!


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Hiya all, got to know vpsboard from LET long time ago, created an account here back in 2013 but havent really been active. Hope i can contribute to this community in the future. Peace.


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Hi guys!

My name's Keith. I am one of the founders of a fairly small web hosting company and I joined vpsB to take some sort of a breather from the rather unpleasant community that is WHT (aka the "check the offers section" forum).


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I am River. (yes that is my real name)

I run a small hosting company based out of New Hampshire, and I'm looking to expand. I'm also big into politics and other cool things. I do some coding in java on the side as well.

Nice to meet you all :)

Gang Starr

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Hi vpsBoard!

Gang Starr here (lovin old school Hip-Hop). A 0815 Internet user with a little experience with web hosting and VPS/dedicated servers.

Nice you to meet you guys.


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Hi VPSBoard folks!

I'm a representative from Quadcone, LLC -

Quadcone was founded in 2012 providing fully managed VPS hosting!

Hoping to get blended into the forum :)

Thank you


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My name's Martin and I'm a sex, caffeine, alcohol and Greggs addict.


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Hello everybody.

I will be here representing

Looking forward to getting to know everyone.

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I'm TheLonely, I love working with Linux and programming languages. Oh, I also like to make (pointless) comments on forums.

I hope that I'll enjoy my stay here at VPSBoard.

(Yes, I've the same name on LET)


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Hello All,

 Happy to have finally arrived at VPSboard.

Should enjoy my stay here and will also try to assist and help out as much as possible.


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I'm Sebastian, founder and owner of

I'm following this board for quite some time now and will try to participate much more here in future :)


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Hmm seems I missed this thread or did I?

Anyways I am Shawn, this is my brother Daryl and this is my other brother Daryl. I have a rich and enigmatic background. Was at the same job for sixteen years until forcibly retired. It allowed me to do many things, and see many places. I normally do not say a lot unless I have something to say, which is not often really.

Guess that is about all really, I have been signed up here for awhile now. Participated some, and lurked a lot. Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend.


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Hi, my name is Matt and I was lured to vpsBoard by a @drmike SEO poisoning campaign in 2013! The end result was this limited edition art print which was chewed on by my kitten and consists of an accumulation of rigorous investigative probing extracted/collaged from the thread. It may be purchased for $5000 (shipping and handling included).
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