Is HVH owned by Colocrossing?


My credit card statement says so -- it showed Colocrossing in the transaction name, or I'm just missing something here?

HVH = Hudson Valley Host

----updated with photo (resized, too big)


HVH, if you can trace me back, please don't terminate my services. :(
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Where have I heard a similar claim before..? Seriously, though, they do use CC's network, but I don't know about ownership. If you're correct about the credit card statement, I would assume they are owned by CC.
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I've heard this before. Pretty sure they were asked about this before and denied it though I can not be 100% sure.


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So, all we got right now is one who says they are owned by CC and the owner who says no.


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I don't know the specifics but they're certainly connected in more ways than they'd like you to believe. I don't know what's in the water in Buffalo that makes people morally opposed to just being honest about things that really shouldn't matter. Reminds me of a friend I used to have. The guy would tell you up was down just to avoid being truthful.


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Yeah, but that thread never gave anything away, nothing more then a grumpy old employee telling the world his feelings. And ofcourse that it all ended in some other direction :)
:) Cute.

Who says I am an ex employee of CC :) ?

I told folks that CC was/is ghost operating companies.   I know HVH was having "liquidity" issues and perhaps fell behind with CC on invoices.   If you go back on HVH posts, they  really suddenly changed up their offers, started selling dedicateds with no support from CC (which they never had before).  

My theory is that HVH is passing through sales to CC for the dedicated servers.  

Now, someone being invoiced on their credit card for a server bought from HVH showing Colocrossing on the statement?  Zero way for that to happen except for scenario I've long been proposing.  HVH = CC = ghost operating the company or segments of it.

@libro22 - can you scan/photograph your statement and blank out personal details?


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Yeah, but that thread never gave anything away
The info is there and the belief of what is going on is real, or I wouldn't bother.

Just like Uncle Drunky told folks for a year over on LET that CC was ghost operating LET/LEB.  Feel free to doubt all you want :)  You will see reality soon enough.


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get a censored image up if possible.

Kris has a whole fustercluck of a story to go with this all I'm sure.



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I am a tad stumped why Ernie is doing support.   He's not a technical fellow and is employed gainfully in unrelated industry.

It might have something to do with the outsourced  support desk somewhere in India he's not using any more.

CC providing support desk for him now too :) ?  Hey, don't laugh... 'someone hacked our Solus and our unrelated separate entity upstream provider had to come in and rescue us..'.  Oh wait, that really happened, with another company that claims it isn't CC owned/CC equity in.


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Yeah, but that thread never gave anything away, nothing more then a grumpy old employee telling the world his feelings. And ofcourse that it all ended in some other direction :)
I'll let that slide,meatball :D  (being Norwegian, naturally don't like you, that didn't help)

I told nothing but the truth. Jon was lying and I simply cleared things up, when it came to HVH owning their hardware. When he implied I did anything less than take Ernie from a small LET kiddie host who couldn't manage his servers -> #1 for search terms on Google / expanding rapidly - I took some issue. If anything, I downplayed what I did for that company in terms of helping him grow and choose a proper infrastructure.

Btw Mikho, I remember that thread ending with me calling Ernie telling Jon to keep his mouth shut if he didn't want me to spill any beans, knowing the implosion that was going on there. Jon quickly stepped back in line and edited his post.

After the hurricane hit NYC and hit Atlantic Metro hard, Jon from CC lured him into a 24 month RTO for 8+ servers. I told him it wasn't too smart as the servers would be antiquated by 24 months and really wouldn't help him, but he moved all NYC servers to Buffalo. I was only helping with SEO at the time, not actually being paid.

All drama aside, I left HVH around 2 months ago because Ernie couldn't compete anywhere near US wages, and I was putting in 8-12+ hours per day for him. Saving numerous VPS servers after crashes, or numerous data center moves. I was tired of fighting with a bunch of kids above a daycare to get data center issues fixed (dust in the switch comes to mind)

Ernie's actually a good guy, but the place was beyond a mess.

I heard from another outsourced employee that Ernie dropped him too, so now it's 100% outsourced team with Ernie as the front-man.

Do the math : Budget servers on par / Same prices as most resellers get them from CC, HVH went from 100% Managed VPS focus -> pushing low cost dedicated servers.

Ernie used to manage the website through Dreamweaver and FTP, now there's some CMS in place, and things look quite different over there.

At least they still have the secured cPanel ISO image deployed with VPS servers I developed :rolleyes:
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Kris has a whole fustercluck of a story to go with this all I'm sure.
A novel's worth. I've moved on, and never figured Ernie would actually be able to pay me how he promised month after month of SEO.

Even told him before, in the worse case - the keyword rankings I got for him would make him a good case study.

Push came to shove, and HVH was a great case-study in my case of taking a relative nobody boosting them to #1-3 across Google for multiple phrases and keywords.

Unfortunately in Ernie's case was a case-study in not signing contracts without a hardware SLA let alone a shady data-center with ghost-employees and the true network admins behind the scenes (Gary 1 and Gary 2, I'm looking at you :p)

When I found out the contracts had no hardware SLA after long sporadic outages +  replies from CC like 'these are essentially owned machines, you purchased them" on the RTO's - I knew I couldn't deal with that data center anymore.

And that's all I have to say about that.