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Apparently LET took Vanilla's hosted infrastructure down, that's a bit crap to be honest.

What's more stupid?  That Colocrossing that hosts a gazillion websites doesn't host their own site or that Vanilla is such a piece of crap that any use breaks their outsourced "cloud" hosted solution?

Is Colocrossing actually paying real money for real service at Vanilla this time?


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Did anyone else notice that @jbiloh the owner of Colocrossing and perhaps co-owner of CVPS chimed in on the CVPS hack stating his disappointment in the folks at SolusVM?
Christ. I'd hang out here a lot more often if you weren't butting your horns in at every opportunity with this CC hate. I don't give a damn one way or another about CC, but you are obsessed. It isn't healthly. Take a break.



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I don't give a damn one way or another about CC, but you are obsessed
Hey again, you shall know them by their deeds.   Years of lying.

Have fun over at LET :)   Roll with the skids, summer hosts, etc.  

Can't please everyone.  


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Yeah, watching Curtis G ddos the **** out of right now, thats the reason behind the downtime
Oh really, I'd like proof of that, as you're not even in communication with me. However Johnathan, I suggest you stop trying to blame things on me, or I can make it a living hell for you.


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Wooohoo! I don't bother following the forum anymore, but it's down (for me atleast) yay!


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Not loading here (Bright House Networks/Time Warner Cable in Carmel, IN).

Then again TWC is possibly the crappiest ISP ever.


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Is LET hosted at Vanilla or is it on CC servers? I haven't been following LEB stuff recently....
Liam mentioned that CC was going to be moving it back inhouse at some point but not sure if

that that had happened yet.