What was your first computer?


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Hey Guys / Ladies,

     As the title states, "what was your first computer"?

To reveal my age, the first computer I ever used was an Apple IIE in school. I played load runner and oregon trail on it and they had very basic graphics and learning programs on it.

My first home computer was a Commodore 64. I designed my first graphics and did my first coding on it. Anyone remember paper-boy?


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First I had "pecom", I think it was spelled like this, and few years after that Commodore 64 :)


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Jeeze, hard to remember back that far.

I believe my first computer was a Windows 3.1 machine, That's about all can remember. Scrapped it about 3 years ago.


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I remember the 3.1 followed by 95, 98, 2000, xp, vista, 7 and now 8 (plus NT for your fellow network admins)


I'm younger, and my parents were never all that tech savvy, so my first home computer was an old Dell Dimensions system with a Pentium III processor clocked at around 800MHz, 256MB of RAM, and a 20GB hard drive. I still have all of the parts other than the case. Last time I checked the system still worked, but that was a few years ago. It came with Windows 98.


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I had a commadore 64 as my first computer with a cassette player. :)

My first PC was 386 sx 25 with 40 MB drive.


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Celeron 333 + 128KB Cache

40 MB of RAM (8 allocated to the on-board SiS graphics card)

3.1 GB Hard Drive

By some unknown obscure brand

Redhat Linux 6.2 + Gnome with Enlightenment as a windows manager ran perfectly. I never had a better desktop experience after that.


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The first one in the family was a Commodore 64, but I started to use a computer more often with the Commodore Amiga. I built a dial-up 300 baud modem and used it to connect to the local university System 370 IBM mainframe, borrowing the account of a friend. The mainframe operating system was VM/CMS and I used it because it was connected to Bitnet. I often used the listserv, trickle and relay features - this was before the widespread internet availability.
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8086 processor
Dual 5-1/4 floppies
No harddrive
12" monochrome ('amber') monitor
PC-DOS (an IBM release, pre-Windows)
Ventura Publisher

Later got a 10MB harddrive and a copy of Windows 2.0, installed it and toasted the system. Took 2 days to recover.

Later still, downloaded ~5 Slackware floppy disk images from a BBS (pre-Internet), got it installed and booted. Spent a week staring at the command prompt and trying things ('dir' worked...).

Then got a trip to the big city, found a bookstore and bought a Learning Linux book. All was revealed.
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An AMD 486 running at 40mhz with 4mb memory (upgraded to 20mb at a later point), a 400mb harddrive, some trident isa graphics and of course a 14" color monitor.

The computer itself is recycled, but I still have the cpu somewhere :)


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Found my reciept