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Hello VPSBoard,

I am GigaboxHost, a Cloud, VPS, email and IT Hosting provider. Our services are Web hosting, domains, cloud servers, VPS Server, Email and IT hosting.

We offer a great Office as a Service that includes a total virtual IT environment- Email, desktops with Microsoft Office, cloud servers, data storage. Giving you the ability to connect to your desktop from Anywhere, Anytime with any Device (laptop, ipad, mobile device, etc).

Packages Include Per User Fee
Any Device Technology
VM Horizon Workspace
Gigamail Email Service
Virtual Desktop
3 GB RAM per User
100G Storage per User
Accessible Using Any Device
Windows Server OS
Shared calendar
Microsoft Office
Adobe Acrobat
Internet Browser
Shared address book
Control Panel included
No setup fees


We look forward to ths VPSBoard discussions.


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[SIZE=12pt]Hello Everyone,[/SIZE]

[SIZE=12pt]I am Nick Daley from, working as a Marketing Manager. I’m newbie in this forum. I just wanted to say Hi to all!!!!! I hope to learn and get new friends here.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=12pt]Thank you[/SIZE]


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Hello everyone, I am the owner of GeckoWire, a hosting company specialising in VPS.

New to the forum, hoping to help out other members as well as the forum! 

Have a good day ^_^


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Hello everyone!

I'm from CloudCommando, a service which currently provides hosted Observium, website monitoring and NetApp backup space at a tiny price :)

I hope to contribute to the community and maybe post some offers you guys will like! :)

WebTech Hosts

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Hi Guys,

My name is Kyle Teer - I am the owner of WebTech Hosts - We are an Australian Hosting Provider.

Would like to introduce myself and hope that we all can be useful to each other.

Kind regards,

Kyle Teer


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Hi VPSBoard,

We're a new VPS providers on the internet. We'll soon give you the offers .

Till then, We're always there to help.



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I have just joined and working for an IT company as international operations manager. providing web security, malware cleanup, website Audits and other online solutions is my game.

I am looking around to fit in and see how i can play my part in this community.

Happy Near Year to all.


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Hello Everyone! I found this website looking for help with my vpn. There are many useful things here! THANKS FOR THIS FORUM!


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Hey everyone! Glad to have you here! Hope to see you posting around the forums.


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I don't talk much and like to lurk but decided to sign up today! And no, that isn't my car in my avatar.... I wish!


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Hey all, I'm Ace from northern europe.

I'm really thinking about to start learning stuff related to this but I dont have any idea where to start from..


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Hey guys,

My name is Robby Hicks, I'm the owner of Los Angeles Dedicated LLC & End of Reality LLC.

I'm excited to be involved with your community here! 


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Hello all! Pleased to finally join in as a member, and hope to contribute what I can to the community! Look forward to getting to know all of the regulars and new members here. Thanks for running the site!