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Hi! I am (looks at username again) hxQ&S8ZaVn9e. I just generate a new name with lastpass on different sites, so to answer your question: No, I do not remember this or type it out manually, lol. I'm just here to learn and share whatever knowledge I have (or think I have). Thought I would say hi before posting since the message at the top of the screen tells me I should!


Hello vpsBoard,

My names Dylan and I am the Network Manager over at GamingSurfer , we are a newly established company providing awesome services, but enough about that :p I'm a computer nerd and spend alot of my time working on servers, for work and for myself, I also enjoy playing paintball and video games. Most of my gaming is either league or Wurm Online (minecrafts little known cousin).I look forward to being an active member of this community.

Matt AH

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I am sorta new, but I'm trying to get more involved as the community looks promising. I hope I make a name around here :]


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Hello everyone,

My name is Jim. I work on behalf of PortCTL, a new startup company. We do not directly work in the VPS market, however instead work on the automation software market, examples being billing software, virtual server management, etc.

If you would like to know more about me, feel free to ask.




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Hi all,

From Montreal QC here :) Been working in the hosting industry on and off for the past 12 years and finally decided to go to work for myself. Look forward to the journey and getting to know some of you here on vpsboard.


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Hey all! Welcome to the forum. Happy to have you here and looking forward to seeing you around!


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Hi Guys, Been Meaning to sign up here for a while! Nice to meet you all! - Jon from North Hosts Limited (UK)

ps. - Ive read the rules :)


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My name is Brian from Stealthy Hosting in Seattle, WA, looking to offer any insight I have into the VPS market. :) We do not sell VPS servers directly but I work with many owners of VPS companies within our network and always like to keep up to date.


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Hello Everyone!

This is my first post here :)

My name is Gregory and ill represent Zoti Media Group in this great Forum. 


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Hello everyone!

I don't think I actually introduced myself yet but here we go! :)

I've been here for a while but never really liked to post or make threads. 

My name is Victor and im the owner of VENETX


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My name is Jim. I am the owner of Kwicero LTD (company no. 09475165), registered in the UK.

Nice to be here.



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Hi, my name is Ed Strompolos and I look forward to be an active contributing member of vpsBoard and getting to know you all! :)