MannDude banned from LET?


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Well @MannDude,  I'd get on LET and tell them your posts are your property and you want them gone, not just your account locked/disabled.

Who else wants to join the party and ask for takedowns of their posts?

No, a precedent has been set, so let it be. It will allow people who really need there posts removed to have them removed, but if we all run and ask them to be deleted the precedent will be removed and no one will be able too.


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Well that was interesting , before asking for removal save your posts and repost here - just for fun.
Gosh, if I did that, the post count here might double in one day :)

Glad to see someone over at LET saw the light and did the right thing.

Posts made to that site remain the property of the poster unless the poster has signed some agreement otherwise or been paid to post.


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Wait a New York minute...

MannDude's posts still appear on LET.  

For instance this one:

Services to Iran

[Deleted User] 

May 30

What about companies that are actively doing business with Iranians? I know the datacenter that owns this site has/is/does done/doing business with Iranians (

Does the Treasury Department actually enforce this with any sort of strictness?

While I believe in free trade, the law is the law and it's best just to turn them away. Not worth the risk of having any three letter agencies breathing down your neck in the off chance one of your illegal clients is hosting more than just a recipe blog or something. - Now with over 450 members! A friendly community with active discussion. Come join us!
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@ write a petition then, I guess.
A petition :) ? Hmmm, who to petition for relief...

Seriously, MannDude's request for takedown should have been sufficient, but CC/moderator(s) balked at removing an account since the messages would go bye-bye and leave conversation gaps.

I see no real reason for LET to hold content hostage like this.  Unless they expect the site to become that quiet and end up depending on inbound search for traffic  Seem unlikely?  Well, since the hacks, Alexa shows upwards of 2% increase of LET traffic being from search

In fairness, the rise is probably attributable to reduced interest and reduced page views by viewers.